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ENG 1103 Vibes


  • Final Reflection

    Many students question why English 1103 is a required course for all freshman. At first, I was one of those students. as a biology major with ADHD, and I’ve always I struggled with long readings, reading, comprehension, and essay writing. However, after a semester taking Page and Screen, I completely understand why it’s necessary for…

  • Wired: How technology can affect a person’s mental and physical health

    While taking the course “Page and Screen” I’ve been offered a new perspective on how growing up in the age of technology has truly affected me as a student and as a person. It was normal for teachers in the earlier years of my education to be upset about excessive phone usage in class. Thinking…

  • Part of the Experiment

            In The Guardian topic story “Skin Reading is the new normal. The effect on Society is profound”, Maryanne Wolf, the director of the Center of Dyslexia, Diverse Learners and Social Justice at UCLA gives her opinion on the effect the increased use of digital media has on the current and future generations. She presents…

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